When I was more of a writer than a coder, I used simple tools: a biro, a Moleskine notebook, and Google Docs on the computer. This has crossed over to coding.

I’m a default-dude. /dɪˈfɔːlt/ /d(j)uːd/. Informal noun. “Someone with a simple setup.”

Code editor 📋

Always dark themes. When changing code editors, I download the most popular linter and snippet plug-ins. (Maybe a spell-checker for comments as well). Oh, and displaying hex values in color is helpful, which VS Code has by default.

I like seeing highlights down the side of my editor where lines have been changed from the latest commit. VS Code, and the latest Sublime, arrive with this enabled, no setup required.

Planet Dysphoria

Computer 💻

  • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Pi Camera
    • AM2302 temperature-humidity sensor
  • Pi Zero

  • MacBook 2013 15” (w/ internal-SSD)
    • Still runs surprisingly well
    • Blocky but beautiful

  • Core i5-6500, 8GB, GeForce GTX 970 4GB, SSD.
    • Acer KG1 27” 240hz 📺 / BenQ XL2411 22” 144hz 📺
    • Roccat LUA mouse with Steel Series cloth pad.
    • I was gifted a mechanical keyboard
      • and I don’t think I can go back
        • .. because of the clickety-clackety

Workflow ⚒️

I use a mix of Git Bash, Hyper, and Putty for terminal tasks. I use the Apple terminal on OS X. For projects like this website where the branches won’t get too complex, I use the GitHub Desktop GUI. It’s also pretty for reading diffs. Otherwise, I use git/svn on the command line 💾.

First steps on a new project? I like sketching out workflows, and drawing diagrams on an A4 notepad or a whiteboard. I use a hefty amount of Post-its at work and home to keep track of to-dos and everything else. 3M makes 100% recycled content Post-its ♻️. Apple’s Notes app feels great too.

When learning new languages, I like to use competitive coding sites like LeetCode, HackerRank, and coderbyte to start out with so I can get a feel for handling algorithms and data-structures. After that, if the language can be used as part of the web stack then I’ll write a small web app. From there, maybe a command line program or two before I move onto a main project 🚧.

I write blogs/tutorials directly into VS Code either as a first draft or transcribing from a notepad. Usually sitting in my LÅNGFJÄLL swivel chair from IKEA 💺.