Iā€™m a computer programmer and a writer. I love creating things and helping people grow. Iā€™m currently mentoring a handful of beginner web devs spread around the world. You should reach out if you want to collaborate on a cool open source project, if you have a question about one of my posts ā€” or even if you want to say Hey. My email is at the bottom and Iā€™m always polite.


M.S.c. in Computer Science (Distinction)

  • I built WebSocket benchmark tools with Node.js and Python.

  • Highlights: filling in gaps in my Computer Science knowledge, and writing papers.

B.A. in Creative Writing with First Class Honours

  • I worked on interactive fiction for the web.

  • Highlights: getting published in print, coming #2 in a fiction competition, and finding my passion (code).

More things I love:

  • Building products
  • Web technologies
  • Programming puzzles
  • Benchmarking/optimization

Iā€™m always looking for new programming languages and tech stacks to explore!


Read about all my gear, software, and workflows at /uses/ šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’».


Iā€™m engaged married to an American girl (she codes as well)!